Mini CHP

There are many ways we to converse primary energy of oil and gas into electricity, thermal energy or into chill. In order to save exhaustible oil and gas deposits we have to use it as beneficially as we can. Converse of energy in natural-gas fueled reciprocating engine based cogeneration plant is one of the most efficient methods.

Mainly gas reciprocating power plant consists of internal combustion engine and heat exchanger. It uses natural gas (methane) as primary energy source. Internal combustion engine combusts natural gas and executes the work (it rotates generator shaft that generates electricity) and produces heat. Usually electricity transmits directly to electrical customer.

Internal combustion engine must be cooled in the process. Cooling is achieved by heat removal from water jacket of engine and lubrication system in heat exchanger. Due to the heat exchanger cooling occurs by means of the heating system. Heat-transfer agent is heated to warm outer systems and the engine is cooling respectively. Effluent gas is another source of heating in cogeneration plant. Temperature of effluent gas is over 400 °C. It is cooled in cogeneration plant (in appropriate heat exchanger by means of heating system) and then derived outside. Effluent gas is cleansed from hazardous substances to decrease harmful influence on the environment.

All that was listed above makes using of thermal and electric energy gain possible, when gas engine CHP plant works with its highest efficiency. Mini CHP plants have efficiency that comes up to 90%. In comparison with modern convection-type plants that has efficiency about 30-40 % cogeneration plants are more effective. However, having such high efficiency, cogeneration plants has significantly less emission of hazardous substances in comparison with traditional sources (water and carbon dioxide are combustion products of methane).

One cubic meter of natural gas is equal to 3 kW of electric energy plus 4 kW of thermal energy. Continuous running of cogeneration plant during 8000 hours per year gas engine’s service life period is more than 100 000 hours and high performance engines has 300 000 hours), 1 kW costs about 1 rouble (it doesn’t include cost of thermal energy, so it goes as bonus rebate for 1 kW). Cogenerator is designed as a complete unit (package, module, unit) or it may be indoor-type.